About Our Rides

Where do we meet?

Hook Cycling group meets by Hartletts Cafe at the Community Centre in Ravenscroft. We start all of the organised rides from there - RG27 9NN 

When do we ride?

  • Saturday morning  -09:00 
  • Wednesday evening -19:00  
  • Sunday Social - 10:00am- @15mph

What levels of rides are there?

  • Foundation - 30 - 40 miles at 14-15mph 
  • Intermediate - 40 - 50 miles at 15-16mph 
  • Advanced - 50+ miles at 16.5 + mph

What do I need?

  • Helmet - no helmet, no ride
  • Bike (it helps!)
  • Pump/mini tool
  • Inner tube
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Lights
  • Money/phone

How does the group communicate?

  • Weekly club email 
  • Whats App groups
  • NOT Facebook!

Is there a club house?

Pre/post ride meets are often at Hartlett's Cafe to get the essential cyclist fix of caffeine. We have also discovered that ale is the ideal recovery drink when taken in correct quantities. The Crooked Billet keeps the best pint in Hook so that is our preferred pub.

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Ride Structure

Foundation – 30-40 miles at 14-15mph

The Foundation rides can be an introduction to road cycling or a reintroduction to cycling after a period of no activity. If you have just started cycling, you should ride by yourself a number of times to master basic bike handling and ensure your basic fitness allows the 14mph pace to be achievable.

The idea behind the Foundation level is to introduce new road cyclists to the basic skills required to ride on public highways in a group. There can be a wide range of riding experience in this group so tips and advice for new riders are in good supply.

Ride leaders are required to adhere to a strict average speed policy of 14-15mph over a route of between 30 and 40 miles. 

Intermediate – 40-50 miles at 15-16mph

Intermediate riders are generally experienced cyclists and will be encouraged to cycle in a closer group to benefit from drafting. Routes will be more challenging than the foundation level, to include steep hills. This group may have advanced riders who are joining the group due to time constraints but the prescribed pace will be adhered to.

Advanced – 60 miles + at 16.5mph +

This group contains experienced riders who want to challenge themselves on harder rides.  Rides will be longer, faster and hillier than the intermediate level.  It is expected that the group will ride in a tight formation and rotate at the front.  Within the club, this group has a wide range of abilities therefore, dependent on the size of the group, it can split in two at the first coffee stop: a ‘plus ‘ group and the regular advanced group.

(Acknowledgment: thank you, Oakley Pedalers, for the ideas and content for ride level definitions)

Group Riding

When riding in a group you should look out for your fellow riders and stay together. You should join the ride level that corresponds to your fitness. A rider too fast or too slow should not dictate the planned pace of the group as this will impact all riders' enjoyment. Please see details below on tips about group riding.

  Many cycle clubs fail to cater for varying abilities. For a growing club this creates a challenge.  The rides will be advertised detailing the specific ability (distance/speed) and this will be adhered to so that nobody feels under any pressure. The club has intermediate and foundation level rides but is developing novice level rides. 

Group Riding Information