About Hookvelo

HookVelo is a social cycle group is membership-free. You can access rides by simply requesting to be added the club weekly email group. The group operates on minimal costs and will ask riders for a small annual donation. Hookvelo is affiliated to Cycling UK.

The group seeks to avoid officialdom, elitism and has minimum overheads. The club secretary role is rotated quarterly to obtain democratic management.

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About Us

Love Cycling

The bike is a wonderful machine and we love the freedom and experiences it offers us.

Group Riding

Hookvelo is about riding for the enjoyment of the group rather than just the individual. Group riding involves compromise, riding slower or faster than you desire to stay in a group.


Enjoy the local countryside and discover new scenery wherever you may be. Hookvelo ventures out over Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

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Better still, come and see us in person and join us for a ride!

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Club Rides

Wednesday 7pm

Saturday 9am

Sunday 9am

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